Fresh Cheese




Literally translated as “Fresh Cheese” this creamy, spreadable cheese is Swedish interpretation of cream cheese, available on its own or flavored with garlic or horseradish


Geta Naturell - Geta Medelhav - Geta Vitlök

Geta is a combination of the Swedish word for goat (get) and “feta”, and these savory, all-natural cheeses are the perfect addition to your next salad. Available natural, with garlic, or flavored with sundried tomato and spice.
Packaging: 300 ml jars with 125 g of cheese or 1.5 kg packaging of cheese
Longevity: 4 months


Sankt Annas Eldost

Developed as our alternative to halloumi (which we find to be categorically salty, gummy, and devoid of flavor) this cheese is designed to be grilled. Our signature is made with garlic and marinated in amarone wine, though the non-marinated variety is also available. This cheese has been featured on Swedish TV and will be a hit with vegetarians and carnivores alike at your next BBQ.